What's up with Sassy Silver Sisters ??
We are having too much fun!

Three sisters just getting together to destress and have a few hours of fun and giggles!
We hope you find our videos and blog posts fun!
Have you any ideas for topics for us? Let us know.

We get together for video shoots once a month and that is when we do our Facebook LIVE video.
Also, we have a giveaway every now and then and that is really fun for us!
If you like  G rated humor then we are the ones to follow. 
Keeping it light and not too serious is where we have the most fun !

Hope you follow our blog here , keep track of our tweets, Facebook posts and youtube videos!

Thanks for your friendship as we really cherish it !

Sassy Silver Sisters
Cathy Rhonda Kelly

Want to reach us through email -- Sassysilversisters@gmail.com

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Cathy --- Likes to sell on eBay -- auction finds and her own art. 
Rhonda ---  Offers essential oils and is very happy to answer any questions you may have -- just shoot her an email especially if you are interested in any specials she has to offer !
Kelly --- Loves to create jewelry,  useful items for home and auto!


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