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How to make Whipped Butter with McCormick Spice Blends

Don't you love trying new recipes? We do and we thought we'd show you a way to vamp up your butter. We used McCormick Spice blends Perfect Pinch in Vegetable, Lemon Herb and Sweet Onion & Herbs.
What you need: 1/2# of Butter ( 2 sticks ) softened Cream ( just enough to make it easier to whip ) 1 tsp of your choice of McCormick herb blends
Instructions: 1. Whip up softened butter and a small amount of cream in mixer until you have a whipped consistency. 2. Add herb blend and whip once again.
We divided the butter into 4 portions with different herbs and one with apricot preserves. The butters were delicious on crackers but we all agreed they would be super delicious on rolls. You can also use the herb butter in dishes, meats, fish, chicken, and we could go on and on. You get the idea.
So why have boring butter when you can have scrumptious butter? Have it for dinner or a party. Enjoy!!

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