Sassy Silver Sisters Lularoe Review

Recently, we sisters were presented with the opportunity to review LuLaRoe products! Emily White-Latham, a local consultant, sent a shirt and a pair of leggings at no cost to us. THANK YOU!

LuLaRoe is all about the prints and they do have some really gorgeous ones. The only caveat with Lularoe is the consultants are sent their inventory randomly if you see a print you adore your consultant might not have it in your size. But I'm sure Emily would go out of her way to find you what you want. Sizes range from XXS - 3X.

The material is super soft and you would think it would cling to every lump and bump but it doesn’t. Rhonda tried on the whole outfit, although the shirt was a bit big on her she thought the outfit was super comfortable. Kelly has worn the shirt and thinks that even with her problem with her mid-section you can't see her bulges. HAHA

We think if you were traveling, these clothes would be wonderful because they barely wrinkle. When you watch the video, you can see how they were mailed and the shirt wasn't wrinkled.

The prices aren't too out of this world and if you wear them often, we believe they are worth the price. Not sure how long this fad of leggings and long shirts will last, but we guess we will just enjoy them as long as it does.

So, watch our video and see what we think about Lularoe!!

Thank you Emily for allowing us to review your products.
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