Advice on Raising Children

We think having and raising a family is the most wonderful gift from above.
We three sisters thought we'd share some advice from our own experiences.
1. Hold your babies! They need that connection with their mom, dad or whom ever is taking care of them. It's so fun to watch their expressions while they sleep.
2. Feed your babies while holding them. Children shouldn't be an inconvenience so make sure you take the time to feed them properly.
3. Talk to your children. They learn to communicate when they are being talked to you by you, not the TV or electronics.
4. Read to your kids. Just maybe they will love to read when they're older. It's a good thing.
5. Play with your kids. The imagination of children is fueled by you. How fun it is to watch their little minds make up stories and pretend.
We hope this helps all you newby parents or soon to be parents.
Congratulations to Kelly, as she was blessed with her 5th grandchild this January.
We can't wait to meet Rhonda's soon to be grand baby. It's so exciting to have new family members.

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