Sassy Silver Sisters Helping Women Around the World Fundraiser

Please join us as we raise money,  through Samaritan's Purse, for women in poor communities and remote villages that lack access to basic health and obstetric care. Women, especially single mothers, also struggle to provide for their newborns and children because they have little education or job skills. Some women are so desperate for work they illegally cross country borders for jobs that pay little and come with verbal or physical abuse.

In return, if together we reach our goal of $2000, the Sassy Silver Sisters will take pies to the face and video tape it for your enjoyment. I’m sure you would just love to see us take it for women around the world.


What does $20 look like in the US: 5 Starbucks coffees, 4 subs from Subway, 3 lunches from your favorite fast-food joint. You get the drift. Let’s sacrifice a few things in our lives to help other women survive. What do you say??

Click the link below and head on over and donate as little or as much as you would like.
Sassy Silver Sisters Helping Women Around the World 

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