Sassy Silver Sisters review SubHerbanRoots Herbal Tea

New Beginnings
Herbal Tea
SubHerban Roots

Well, another great time tasting a wonderful product !
I am really surprised how wonderful this tea is !

It's fruity and would make a great hot or cold tea.
Not too strong -- and enjoyable , especially with honey as a sweetner !

The blend is ---
nettles, violet leaf, lemon balm and raspberry leaf.
has the directions on the package.
The packaging is a lined paper bag with a closure to assure freshness.

Please, check her products out -- it is well worth it !

Thanks again, Beth,  for giving me a gift of nature . 
 I think of you and your family as I enjoy this tea !! ~~~Cathy

Sassy Silver Sisters gave this product 3 thumbs up !!
It takes 3 thumbs up to pass the SSS test .

Check our video as we taste this wonderful tea ----
 subHerban Roots Tea Review --


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