Monday, December 2, 2013

Review for Designer Whey Protein Powder

This is the product we chose to review for various reasons but mainly to be able to add more protein to the diet!

  NOTE:  2 out of the 3 sisters got the assignment right --- just sayin' !!!

Designer Whey 
100% Premium Whey
Protein Powder
100 calories
 18g protein 2g sugar+calcium , vitamin D and B-vitamins

Review #1 (Cathy)

I chose to keep with the holiday theme with vanilla flavor  and made  -- 
Simple Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

The recipe can be found on Picky Palate

Easy as pie !! Put all ingredients in the smoothie maker , blend and pour !!

I tasted it before and after I added the protein powder.

Cathy's  opinion on Designer Whey protein powder ----

I think this particular flavor is fine. Make sure you add it to something with matching flavor or when vanilla compliments it.

Easy to use , dissolves quickly and very slight difference in the taste after I added the powder. I would have never known if someone else had made it and didn't bother to tell me!

 I am going to purchase more  because it is so easy to use and will make smoothies healthier !!

Thanks ,

Review #2 (Kelly)

Had to make a few changes since I didn't have almond milk.
I used lactose free milk and added a handful of almonds.
Tried it without the protein powder and it was ok, not a lot of flavor but creamy.
Added the vanilla whey protein powder and it was much better. It gave the smoothie that vanilla taste and it turned out creamier. Also you could taste the peanut butter better with the powder.
I'd drink it again.

Kelly <><
Review #3 (Rhonda)

Strawberries, banana, yogurt ,
Orange juice and ice

This smoothie was easy and very good.  I thought maybe it would taste like banana or orange juice.  I could taste the just a little of the orange juice and none of the banana.  I think it could be better if made during strawberry season when the real flavor of the strawberries would come through.

One criticism would be:  I made what the recipe said for 2 people.  It was enough for 4 people.

I was given some protein powder by Cathy and she said to make the smoothie by the recipe first then add the protein powder. Not realizing the importance of that statement, I cho se to forgo the protein powder.  Then she tells me we were suppose to be reviewing the protein powder.  I did not get that from our conversation.  Oh well.
 The protein powder would  make it a meal.   Drink up.

Rhonda ( the middle sister)

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