HOW TO: Take care of Blueberries

It's blueberry season and oh how we love to eat them. There are a couple of things you need to know:
1. How to store blueberries so they don't turn moldy.
2. How to make a delicious dessert using blueberries.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your blueberries stay fresh:
1. Check for mold before you buy them. Mold spreads quickly when they are in close contact. One bad blueberry can make the whole bunch bad.
2. Don't rinse unless you have to. The key is to keep them dry in storage. Rinse what you will use or at least let them dry before putting them back in the refrigerator.
3. Make sure you blueberries are dry. If you've rinsed them, just make sure you use a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture and the air circulation will deter mold.
4. Refrigerate your blueberries. Make sure they get air, so don't put them in the crisper. Blueberries will stay good for up to a week when stored this way.
5. Freeze them if they seem overripe. Spread the blueberries on a rimmed baking sheet, let them firm up in the freezer, then transfer them into a resealable plastic bag and pop them back in the freezer. They will keep for quite a few months, which means you can make all kinds of desserts later in the year.

Kelly makes the most delicious blueberry sorbet. Here's the recipe she uses from Simply Recipes - Blueberry Sorbet.

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