Thursday, March 30, 2017

Book Review of The Privateer's Dance by LN Goodyear

We recently had the privilege of reading the book The Privateer's Dance by LN Goodyear. We also interviewed the author on Facebook to find out more about her process of writing her first novel. The story is set in the Victorian era. We all three agreed it was an intriguing book with romance & mystery. You can buy it on Amazon as a digital book.

The following comes from the Amazon website: "Somehow Jessie had to keep her and her mother's dream alive. The dream was all she had left. The events during the last couple months had shattered her world. Her mother's murder coupled with the failed attempt to end her and her father's life, propelled her into a world of despair.
Now her aunt had convinced her father to move the splintered family to her father's brownstone in London in preparation for her Coming Out and Court presentation.
The move would separate her from her friends, home and the source of the dream. The orphanage and school built by her mother and the Duchess of Newbury needed her, the London Ton did not.
The only positive was she would not be exposed daily to the Duke and Duchess' son Jason. He broke her heart once but never again".

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