Sassy Silver Sisters Review Pop's Bees Pure Honey with doTERRA Oils

Once again Sassy Silver Sisters has fun tasting another 
natural product !

Pop's Bees Pure Honey with doTERRA Oils 

The raw honey is thick and smooth ! 
Pleasantly surprised with the touch of oil in the honey to add to the flavor. 
Packaged very nice and will make a wonderful addition to your meal or snack .
Buy some for yourself and grab it while the supply lasts for gifts!

 Sassy Silver Sisters rated this product with 3 thumbs up !!
(Rhonda tried to sneak in an extra thumb -- but got caught !!LOL!!)

Check out our video of  tasting the flavored honey from 
Pops Bees ---

Pop's Bees is a locally owned and operated "honey farm" where huge numbers of honeybees and their 
human worker bee (Leroy Byler) labor tirelessly to bring you the finest honey and honey-based products 
available in today's market!

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