SSS stay at Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center

Our annual sisters weekend has come and gone. It really wasn't long enough but we all had to get back to work and our homes.

We decided to go to Roanoke because one of us, Cathy, HAD to go to Black Dog Salvage. If you aren't familiar with them, they have a TV show on the DIY network. More to come on that visit, STAY TUNED.

My job was to review the hotel. Upon entering the parking lot, all I could say was WOW!! What a majestic building. Just look at it!

We were greeted by a gracious young lady at the front desk where she checked us in and treated us to the delicious chocolate chip cookies DoubleTree is famous for. We also received a coffee mug featuring the Black Dog Salvage for signing up for the tour, of course, Cathy took the mug ;)
Our room was nice with 2 double beds, flat screen TV, a desk , a coffee bar and FREE Wi-Fi. Our room had a view of the front entrance where we witnessed, one evening, a young couple receiving their send off in a Rolls Royce after their wedding. That was a nice surprise.

We were given access to the Executive Lounge for the continental breakfast and appetizers in the evening. We made our way there Friday evening and happen to be the most obnoxious people in the room. Go figure, right? You had to be there. Anyway, the concierge was an older gentlemen, Charlie, that was happy to serve us and thought we had the whole room laughing. I think he was being nice but he seemed to delight in the fact we came back to the lounge on Saturday evening. He wanted our email address so he could correspond with the SSS. He actually sent us a funny video to watch. He was awesome!! Everyone treated us like the royalty we think we are (hehe).

It was a grand hotel, here's a link for more information Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center

Cathy had T-shirts made for us. Thank you Cathy!! So here were are...

How long does it take to open a bottle of wine? Oh, about 20 minutes. I had bought a bottle of Middle Sister Wine to share on our trip. I used a corkscrew but wasn't strong enough to get it out. We eventually all tried to get that dang cork out of the bottle and succeeded, FINALLY. Sweet & Sassy like the bottle said, it was DELICIOUS! We didn't drink the whole bottle. WHAT? Yep that's right we didn't but Rhonda took the rest home, just because it has Middle Sister on the bottle she thought she should take it home.

Well, that's all I have for now. I will be reviewing, later on,  the Fork in the Alley, a restaurant we had lunch. And there will be more reviews on other things we did on our trip.

Until next time!!
Kelly, the Youngest Sister <><


  1. Very good Kelly -- but you forgot the best part !! Rhonda decided to play waitress in the Executive Lounge !! ~~ Cathy ( the oldest and may I add -- the bestest )

  2. I think I will keep my day job, since I make a lousy waitress. ~~ Rhonda, the middle sister


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