Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review on the movie -- Dallas Buyers Club

  1. Dallas Buyers Club
  2. This movie is a story about extremes -- too much sex, drugs, drinking, foul mouth and gambling -- but that is the main character's (Ron Woodroof) personality !
  3. I found the movie hard to watch because of all the extremes -- but Matthew McConaughey (as Woodroof) did a very good job and made you believe he was the character !
  4. In the 80's , Ron Woodroof was a man of extremes and finds out he is HIV-infected and has a month to live. So being the tough character he is -- he decided to study and find alternative medicine for himself .
  5.  A light bulb goes off in his head and uses his money making skills  to gather alternative meds and form a buyers club for the Dallas area ( there was already one in NY ) because he could sell memberships but could not sell the unapproved drugs.
  6. Through this experience  he finds out  homosexuals were not the only ones being infected with HIV(which was the mindset of the 80's).
The story is great -- movie is rated R for a reason !

If you decide to watch it -- be prepared -- it is extreme !


  1. Dallas Buyers Club, Reviews
    2013 Film
    1. 94%
      Rotten Tomatoes-223 reviews
    2. 84%
      Metacritic-47 reviews
    3. 8/10
      IMDb-118,246 votes

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