Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kelly's Review of FoodE

Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog. We trying this blogging thing out and hope to inform you and maybe even give you a chuckle now and then.

Cathy has already given her two cents of the FoodE restaurant in Fredericksburg, VA.
I'm going to way in with my review.

When we first arrived around 11:40am on a Friday, we traveled down this alley that was decorated with hanging bottles filled with what looked like glow liquid, I'm sure it would look cool when dining in the evening. There were tables decked out with faux grass and artwork of Virginia with moss, oh and a antique bicycle covered in moss. I just thought that was out of this world creative.

The kitchen is upstairs so when you arrive you see people coming from the entrance and going up the stairs with dishes and some coming down the stairs with food. It seemed a little dangerous to me but I guess it's working for them.

We entered the restaurant and the gracious young women working gave us each a paper menu and as we stood in line we each decided what to order. I ordered the Turkey Club and the tomato basil soup with their freshed brewed sweet iced tea.

As soon as we ordered. a table came available and we were seated right away. The d├ęcor was simple, the walls were filled with canvas artwork of downtown Fredericksburg. The tables were all different heights and they had a leather couch and chairs to sit while waiting for a table. The restaurant is small but the place was booming with customers. Obviously that says a lot about their establishment. It was a bit loud with chatter, we could hardly hear ourselves talk.

Our meals came in a timely manner. The turkey club was filled all-natural roast turkey breast sliced thin and served three-high on locally-baked brioche bread with honey mustard aioli, all-natural
lettuce, sliced cheddar cheese and thick sliced bacon. served with a side of our creamy tomato-chevre soup. I was a little disappointed in the bacon, it was overcooked and hard to eat. But overall the sandwich was delicious. The soup had texture and a little tart which I liked immensely. The fresh brewed sweet tea was very southern, was served in a canning jar. We were able to get refills on our own.

Cathy had mentioned that the bathrooms weren't labeled, we noticed people standing in line, men and women. I didn't care that it was unisex but Cathy seemed to be disgruntled about it.

Also the food is locally and organically grown which I'm thrilled with because I live in the area and believe in supporting our local businesses.

I would highly recommend FoodE, try them out when in you're in town.

By the way it was Rhonda's birthday and she treated us to lunch, how about that? She had gift certificate to dine there so I don't feel so bad, hehe.

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  1. Very detailed review Kelly !! Good Job !! As far as the bathroom situation , I was more uncomfortable with the fact the bathroom was not labeled / no sign and the waiting line was in the dining area. Just made me a little uncomfortable but when you gotta go -- who cares !!


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