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I had the pleasure of joining my sisters -- Rhonda and Kelly --  in our traditional birthday celebration lunch for Rhonda (the middle sister)!! Happy Birthday , again, Rhonda !!

  Kelly on the left --- Rhonda on the right -- Kelly is the baby sister so I had to get her a gift too so she doesn't feel left out !! Not really , I get them the same so I wanted her to have her gift now because it's a snowflake card holder and it can be used now for the holidays .

This place is very casual , inviting and fun !!
The decor is casual and interesting. They greeted us with a menu and took our order. We were seated and they brought our meals in very reasonable time.
I enjoyed the Fredericksburger meal and iced tea. SOOOO good ! I think it's the best burger I have eaten in -- a very long time.The fries were great -- seasoned well and not greasy -- so must have been baked -- I didn't ask .
Their menu online ---

On a not so great note -- I am not thrilled with the bathroom situation -- no sign to let you know and seemed (not certain) to be unisex bathroom. Some don't care but I was not comfortable with it.
It was very loud -- it doesn't bother some people but hard for us to have a good conversation  . My opinion.

I will go back  -- because the food was great and the prices are reasonable.

My sisters will join the conversation later.

Have a great evening all !!
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  1. This place is small and a little on the loud side, but the food was GREAT. Worth a visit. Plus there are so many shops to visit while you are downtown.


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