Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tips to Help Make Your Holiday a Little Less Stressful .

I know a lot of people get so caught up in having a wonderful holiday they get stressed out.

You can do some things to make it a little less stressful.

Here are a few tips.

1--- Set a budget for your gift giving.
2--- For the cookie bakers --- you can make cookie dough ahead of time and freeze it.
3--- Wrap as you go --- just make sure you label them !
4--- You don't have to go to every party -- sometimes it makes you crazy by trying to fit them all in --- just say NO !! politely , of course.
5--- Organize and delegate --- you can't do it all sometimes !
6--- If you can purchase gifts in advance -- it really helps.
7--- Less decorations means less putting away -- get it ?
8--- Don't forget to have fun -- make up some games --- treasure hunts, etc.
9--- Keep your holiday receipts in a special place.
10--- If you are traveling on Christmas day --- make sure you fill up early !
11--- Have a few emergency gifts just incase there are extra guests or maybe you forgot someone .

Don't forget to enjoy your time with family and friends !

What do you do to make the holidays a little easier ??

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Windows

If your looing for something to do one evening, take a stroll Downtown Fredericksburg, VA. The old town shops have wonderful displays of Christmas decorated windows.

My husband and I took a stroll Wednesday evening, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. It's a cheap date night if you are stretching your dollars.

BTW, they are having a contest WINDOW WONDERLAND, so gather your family, solve the riddle, and enter your responses PLUS the top three favorite decorated storefronts and you could win $1,000 CASH or one of many other prizes totaling over $3,000!

If you don't live in the area, take advantage of your small town. They would love your support this holiday season and during the year.

Enjoy a few of the windows I photographed, maybe this will spur you on for a stroll this Christmas.

Kelly <><

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Review for Designer Whey Protein Powder

This is the product we chose to review for various reasons but mainly to be able to add more protein to the diet!

  NOTE:  2 out of the 3 sisters got the assignment right --- just sayin' !!!

Designer Whey 
100% Premium Whey
Protein Powder
100 calories
 18g protein 2g sugar+calcium , vitamin D and B-vitamins

Review #1 (Cathy)

I chose to keep with the holiday theme with vanilla flavor  and made  -- 
Simple Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

The recipe can be found on Picky Palate

Easy as pie !! Put all ingredients in the smoothie maker , blend and pour !!

I tasted it before and after I added the protein powder.

Cathy's  opinion on Designer Whey protein powder ----

I think this particular flavor is fine. Make sure you add it to something with matching flavor or when vanilla compliments it.

Easy to use , dissolves quickly and very slight difference in the taste after I added the powder. I would have never known if someone else had made it and didn't bother to tell me!

 I am going to purchase more  because it is so easy to use and will make smoothies healthier !!

Thanks ,

Review #2 (Kelly)

Had to make a few changes since I didn't have almond milk.
I used lactose free milk and added a handful of almonds.
Tried it without the protein powder and it was ok, not a lot of flavor but creamy.
Added the vanilla whey protein powder and it was much better. It gave the smoothie that vanilla taste and it turned out creamier. Also you could taste the peanut butter better with the powder.
I'd drink it again.

Kelly <><
Review #3 (Rhonda)

Strawberries, banana, yogurt ,
Orange juice and ice

This smoothie was easy and very good.  I thought maybe it would taste like banana or orange juice.  I could taste the just a little of the orange juice and none of the banana.  I think it could be better if made during strawberry season when the real flavor of the strawberries would come through.

One criticism would be:  I made what the recipe said for 2 people.  It was enough for 4 people.

I was given some protein powder by Cathy and she said to make the smoothie by the recipe first then add the protein powder. Not realizing the importance of that statement, I cho se to forgo the protein powder.  Then she tells me we were suppose to be reviewing the protein powder.  I did not get that from our conversation.  Oh well.
 The protein powder would  make it a meal.   Drink up.

Rhonda ( the middle sister)

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

An Idea for a Party !!

I ( Cathy )  am going to make this for our Christmas party !!
 Of course, I will adjust it to what I can get -- probably have to do something a little different but should turn out great !!   Looks yummy !!!


10 cocktail sticks
10 cubes of fresh (not tinned) pineapple 
1 heaped tablespoon soft, dark brown sugar
1 tsp unsalted butter
70g pack Parma ham
approx. 100g good Cheddar, cut into 10 cubes

Toss the pineapple cubes in the sugar and set to one side. Melt the butter in a non-stick frying pan on a medium heat, and gently fry the pineapple pieces for about one minute, until the sugar has caramelised and the pineapple is golden. Thread the pineapple cubes onto a cocktail stick, followed by a twist of ham and then finish with a cube of the cheese.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Working on ideas for a give away or contest !!

Just thought I would let you in on our thoughts.
 We are considering a give away or contest. 
Stay tuned for the information to come in the near future!
Have a good evening,
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A product review in process !!

Just to let you know what's being tested as we speak --- NOT -- it's a secret !!
I will give you a hint -- it's healthy for you !!!
Stay tuned !!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three things that make life worth living...

I saw this sign on Pinterest and thought it was appropriate for being sisters.  I'm the only one that drinks wine out of the three of us but we all love chocolate and love our sisters. ~ Kelly <><

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Want your product reviewed by Sassy Silver Sisters??

Best form of advertisement is a good review !!

 Shoot us an email about your product and we may pick your item and post our review !!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am excited about our future first product review !!!

Good Sunday morning all !!
I am excited about our first product review coming this way !! It is not known yet what this product will be but it is in the works as we speak !
Please, join this site so you can follow content that may not be on Facebook !!

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cathy Reviews --- When Pigs Fly -- the unique boutique

The Sassy Silver Sisters had an opportunity to visit the coolest shop in Fredericksburg after we had our traditional birthday lunch.

When Pigs Fly 

(The name is even cool)

Very interesting and welcomed by the owner, Janese.
She was gracious enough to stop her work to answer our many questions.
Furniture and many other items painted up to be colorful and fun.
She offers classes as well -- so check her out and let her know what you are interested in.
I will visit this shop again !!

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Kelly's Review of FoodE

Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog. We trying this blogging thing out and hope to inform you and maybe even give you a chuckle now and then.

Cathy has already given her two cents of the FoodE restaurant in Fredericksburg, VA.
I'm going to way in with my review.

When we first arrived around 11:40am on a Friday, we traveled down this alley that was decorated with hanging bottles filled with what looked like glow liquid, I'm sure it would look cool when dining in the evening. There were tables decked out with faux grass and artwork of Virginia with moss, oh and a antique bicycle covered in moss. I just thought that was out of this world creative.

The kitchen is upstairs so when you arrive you see people coming from the entrance and going up the stairs with dishes and some coming down the stairs with food. It seemed a little dangerous to me but I guess it's working for them.

We entered the restaurant and the gracious young women working gave us each a paper menu and as we stood in line we each decided what to order. I ordered the Turkey Club and the tomato basil soup with their freshed brewed sweet iced tea.

As soon as we ordered. a table came available and we were seated right away. The d├ęcor was simple, the walls were filled with canvas artwork of downtown Fredericksburg. The tables were all different heights and they had a leather couch and chairs to sit while waiting for a table. The restaurant is small but the place was booming with customers. Obviously that says a lot about their establishment. It was a bit loud with chatter, we could hardly hear ourselves talk.

Our meals came in a timely manner. The turkey club was filled all-natural roast turkey breast sliced thin and served three-high on locally-baked brioche bread with honey mustard aioli, all-natural
lettuce, sliced cheddar cheese and thick sliced bacon. served with a side of our creamy tomato-chevre soup. I was a little disappointed in the bacon, it was overcooked and hard to eat. But overall the sandwich was delicious. The soup had texture and a little tart which I liked immensely. The fresh brewed sweet tea was very southern, was served in a canning jar. We were able to get refills on our own.

Cathy had mentioned that the bathrooms weren't labeled, we noticed people standing in line, men and women. I didn't care that it was unisex but Cathy seemed to be disgruntled about it.

Also the food is locally and organically grown which I'm thrilled with because I live in the area and believe in supporting our local businesses.

I would highly recommend FoodE, try them out when in you're in town.

By the way it was Rhonda's birthday and she treated us to lunch, how about that? She had gift certificate to dine there so I don't feel so bad, hehe.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

FoodE --- Our Review on a local restaurant


I had the pleasure of joining my sisters -- Rhonda and Kelly --  in our traditional birthday celebration lunch for Rhonda (the middle sister)!! Happy Birthday , again, Rhonda !!

  Kelly on the left --- Rhonda on the right -- Kelly is the baby sister so I had to get her a gift too so she doesn't feel left out !! Not really , I get them the same so I wanted her to have her gift now because it's a snowflake card holder and it can be used now for the holidays .

This place is very casual , inviting and fun !!
The decor is casual and interesting. They greeted us with a menu and took our order. We were seated and they brought our meals in very reasonable time.
I enjoyed the Fredericksburger meal and iced tea. SOOOO good ! I think it's the best burger I have eaten in -- a very long time.The fries were great -- seasoned well and not greasy -- so must have been baked -- I didn't ask .
Their menu online ---

On a not so great note -- I am not thrilled with the bathroom situation -- no sign to let you know and seemed (not certain) to be unisex bathroom. Some don't care but I was not comfortable with it.
It was very loud -- it doesn't bother some people but hard for us to have a good conversation  . My opinion.

I will go back  -- because the food was great and the prices are reasonable.

My sisters will join the conversation later.

Have a great evening all !!
You can check them out on Facebook ---

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just the Beginning !!

Hi, all !!
     I am starting this blog because I have 2 wonderful sisters -- Rhonda and Kelly -- and I want to spread the fun and laughter we have when we are together .
    Beware -- we are very opinionated and have a sense of humor as we give those opinions !
    The goal is to add videos as we test products , try new things and have conversations on a variety of topics !

You never know -- we may just have some fun with this !!

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