Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sassy Silver Sisters review Royal Kona Coffee !

Royal Kona Coffee

First -- 
Thanks to Cousin Jerry for the gift of this wonderful coffee !!

Lovely coffee and we can understand why  Cousin Jerry  enjoys it so much.

Okay, check out the packaging -- very nice!
Coffee for Royalty -- no wonder we like it so much !

Package says --
100% KONA
 Private Reserve 
Medium Roast
 All Purpose Grind 
Net Wt 7 OZ (198g)

Well , we thinking it may end up being too  strong but it  wasn't -- it smelled wonderful and tasted excellent !! 

It is really a coffee treat and Sassy Silver Sisters rated this product with 3 thumbs up !!

Check out our video of trying this coffee for the first time ---

Kona Coffee Video Review

 Mahalo = Thank You
Aloha = Love, affection, hello, goodbye

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION from their website 

Our most popular pure Kona coffee! This full-bodied, medium roast is superbly aromatic and smooth. Judged "superior" by the American Academy of Taste, this 100% certified Hawaiian Kona Coffee is the perfect finish to any occasion. Available in whole bean or all-purpose grind.
Roast Type: Medium
Blend Type: 100% Kona

Hawaii Coffee Company is home to LION coffeeRoyal Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Islands Tea.
 Feel free to check out their website here ---

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