Reach for the STAR --- Roanoke, VA !!

  Another of our stops on our 

2015 Sassy Silver Sisters vacation 

was the

 STAR !!

On Saturday we tried to find the STAR and thought for sure it was an easy little trip because we could see it ! 
Well, we tried and tried and up the mountain we went -- to a private residence -- oh my !! 
Down the mountain and decided we may want to get directions. DUH!
So our friend Charlie ( concierge in the executive lounge of  Roanoke Hotel & Conference Center ) told us how easy it was. I told him we tend to do things backwards and he gave us directions with a map and everything ! 

Thanks again , Charlie !

Sunday we went to the star first thing ! YES,  it was easy to get to with proper directions.
Beautiful view -- sooo beautiful !! 
You have to go when you are in the area .


  1. Roanoke Star
  2. The Roanoke Star, also known as the Mill Mountain Star, is the world's largest freestanding illuminated man-made star, constructed in 1949 at the top of Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia. Wikipedia
  3. AddressRoanoke, VA 24014
  4. Phone(540) 853-2000

      We are all stars, and we deserve to twinkle.


  1. So much fun!! If you haven't been you need to take a weekend, lots to do in Roanoke. If you are a hiker or biker, there are great trails.


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