Cathy Wants To Know --- Who Remembers The Waltons??

The Sassy Silver Sisters went on our yearly road trip and on the way to Roanoke we decided to stop and visit Walton's Mountain.

Go to Schuyler, Virginia, to tour the actual home place that inspired the beloved television series.

First is the store -- soooo cool -- lots of autographed books! The clerk was actually a relative of Earl Hamner and knew a lot of real information about how his family was portrayed in the Walton's TV show. 

 I bought a Goodnight John Boy coffee mug !!

 photo 20150717_105553.jpg

                                                                    Circa 1942
The Walton's Mountain Country Store B and B was known as Walker’s Store
back in thee old days because it was operated by Willie Walker,
the son of Schuyler Walker head of one of the earliest families to settle
in the area who gave it the name of Schuyler.
For many years the store was vacant and seeking escape from that multitude
of brothers and sisters as a teenager I used to hideout there
for the solitude I needed in which to write.
©You Me and The Lamp Post Earl Hamner

We walked over to the family home of Earl Hamner.

 photo 11742623_981661185185591_5613858735320579557_n.jpg

My understanding is the home was purchased and rehabbed to it's former glory. The furnishings were replaced as well. 

 We walked  over to the church ----

Beautiful church !!

After that we headed up the road to the old school which has been converted to a museum ---

WALTON'S MOUNTAIN MUSEUM is located in the Piedmont Region foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Schuyler (Sky-ler), Virginia. Opened on October 16, 1992, this building was Schuyler's ca.1924 high & elementary school until 1955, grade school until 1991, and it is now our community center. "The Waltons" creator and John-Boy's alterego, Earl Hamner, grew up in the home across the street. WMM attracted as many as 90,000 guests in a year from all 50 states and 20 foreign countries!

It was fun -- saw a lot of things to point at and say I REMEMBER THAT.
 We had a wonderful time going through each room !
A video was also playing every 1/2 hour or so.

I hope you can find time to visit this area ! You won't regret it !


For more info on the museum ---


  1. Great job. Had a good time there. Worth a visit.~. Rhonda

  2. What happens in Waltons Mountain stays in Waltons Mountain ��


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